Monday, March 24, 2008

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If you want to hear my favourite song, go to my new blog:
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About American Idol

If you think I just posting anything about J-stuff (Japanese stuff), I guess you wrong. I'll posting anything that I like. Just like my top blog header: melody is not only a music, melody is not only a song, melody is also your life, melody is also my life. I think every moment in our life just like a tone that mixing together and build to a song. So, it's the reason why I gave this blog name: melodyoflive.
Hmm, now I want to talk about American Idol. Actually, I dissapointed when I see Amanda Overmyer sent home. I think her voice is unique, I like her syle. But, I think I understand about the reason why she get sent home. The American Idol is a competition. If you can't get better every week, or jusk stuck in your place, you'll lose and will get sent home imediately. Yeah, it's competition, of course someone must lost and another else wins, until the only one competitor -the best quality one- be the winner.
Even Amanda as sent home, I still have some favourite contestants. One of them is David Archuleta. His voice is awesome, even he still 17 years old. But I think he is a little bit gloomy (like Simon said). I think if he change his expression, he'll more better than now.
Last quote, I like American Idol, more than another sing competition that I ever see. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shiawase no Iro

If you love the scottish music, maybe you'll love this song. If you want to hear it only, I will give you the link:
I suggest you to register first. Don't worry, it's free.
The plus points from this song is the music instruments that the composer use.

Tanaka Kouhei as the composer has mixing a traditional music instruments and modern musics instrumens with an orchesta! How wonderful song!

In the intro we can hear the Scottish Bagpipe player playing the instrument with some unique and easy listening melody. Next you'll hear the piano, an then the singer, the wonderful Ishida Youko.The first part of this song is dominate by a traditional music instrument. The composer used not only a bagpipe, but also a music instrument (percussion) from India. In the middle song, before the chorus, you'll hear the orchestra playing some violins. In the chorus, you'll hear the modern music instruments: electric guitar, Bass, etc. Yeah, they're a band. See, it's so colorful and unique.

The another plus points is the song's meaning. This is the lyrics that I take from

Kono hiroi sekai no naka deaubeki hitotachi ga

Mado no mukou niji no mukou ni mieru kizuiteru hazu

Miageta sora wa ima demo ano toki to onaji iro de

Kumo wa katachi wo kae kyou mo anata wo mimamotteiru

Kyuukutsuna omori wo nuide kimochi wo yurushite

Saa mimi wo sumashi sono toki wo matte

Ima mezamenasai

Oozora ni kaita chiisana yume wo itsumo kanjite

Toorisugiru hitonami ni tsukarete shimatta toki mo

Utsumuitari nagedashitari shinai de hane wo yasumete

Shinjiru kimochi no tsuyosa ga areba kikoeru deshou

Massugu anata wo omoi utau watashi no koe ga

Shizuka ni irozuku machi asa no hikari

Soshite kyou to iu ichinichi ga peeji wo mekuru no

Oozora ni tsutsumare kyou mo utau wa kokoro wo komete

Owaranai kono michi iku tame mado wo akete arukidasu

Sou sureba motto niji ni chikazukeru kitto

Oozora ni kaita chiisana yume wo taisetsu ni shiyou

Sou sureba itsumo shiawase ni nareru kitto

It's little bit long, huh? :) As usual, I edit the text. In the original text in, the "wa" word is spell as "ha". In Japanese, the letter "ha" can be spell as "ha" or "wa". In the sentence, the "wa" is a particle that have a same meaning with "is". Unfortunately, they don't have the transalation version.

If you want to see the translation, I'll give you this link:

If you want to see the live version, this is the link:

You can DL it from of If you want to see the anime, just go to this link:

So, enjoy this easy listening song. Surely, you'll like it. See ya!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How I Enjoy The song

I like musics, I like songs, whatever their genres (except trash metal). When I hear them, I will close my eyes to feel their spirits. Yeah, each musics or songs have some spirits or feelings that the vocalis/singers or peformers want to tell us. You can't feel it when you open your eyes. Feel it with your ears, feel it with your heart. And you will know it. It's true!
I always close my eyes to feel the voices of American Idol when they perform. And I know the minus points or plus points of their voices, exactly like Simon do. If you want to try it, surely you'll understand it.
When you hear the songs or musics, maybe you'll ignore everything around you. But you surely enjoy it. It's like drugs effects, but it's not killing you. It have positive effects, not negative. It's like meditation for me. Try it and you'll know it.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Today, I will speak about the 2nd ending song of Naruto, Harumonia.
Harumonia's lyrics, music, and vocal by RHYTEM. It's arranged by CHOKKAKU.
If you hear this song, you will feel how RHYTHEM sing the song with smooth and gentle. The points of this song is the RHYTHEM's vocal and the music. The RHYTHEM's voice is beautiful and they have long-range tones vocal. I like whn they use falsetto in Harumonia's refrain. The music have an easy listening melody. I think if you are some of pop or J-pop mania, you will like this song.
I've seen the meaning of this song in and I interest to its refrein. Here is the refrein in english that I take from it's's link ( :
wanting to cry, wanting to run
if you forget happiness then sing
light was born and dark was born, the two is together
feeling harmonia, telepathy

I underline the sentence because I like that part. This is the sentence in japanese language:
naki taku natte nige taku natte
shiawase o wasurete shimattara minna uta e
hikari ga umare yami ga umareta futatsu wa hitotsu

I've edit the lyrics from, because there is some mistake in its romaji lyrics. If you want to see the whole lyrics, click the link immediately. If you want to DL it, you can go to this links: (beware about banned, you must to register before DL) (it's save, no register required).
So, enjoy the song. Feel the melody. And don't resell the song, because it's piracing action. Just enjoy for yourself.
May God bless us! Thank you.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Nakushita Kotoba

An OST from Naruto. This anime is one of my favourite anime. It have some good songs. It's not only their musics, but also their lyrics. They have a deeper meaning lyrics, and that is what I like from them.
Nakushita Kotoba is one of my Naruto's favourite's OST. If you understand Japanese language, you'll know it. If you don't, you still see its meaning in (one of my favourite links). Basicly, this song is about untold love, something that only on memory. It's tell us how this feels so heavy. The memory of events that we pass together with someone. It's not only our girlfriend or boyfriend, but also our comrades.
I think this song is describe what Naruto feel when his best comrade leave him. Its video show that so much. I sugest you to see it in I have some links if you want to DL it with free (I love it, it's FREE :)):
I suggest you the first link. I get my "Nakushita Kotoba" from that link. YOU CAN DL IT, BUT PLEASE, DON'T SELL IT BACK. Tell your friend about the link, let them DL it theirself, not sell it to them. If you have some bill, buy the legal.

Blog Introduction

Hello, I'm Yafeth. I live in Indonesia.Welcome to my blog.

There's a reason why I prefer choose English, not my language, in my Blog. I want everyone in the world can read my Blog. So, I choose English, because almost people in this world know this language.

For everyone in Indonesia, I hope you can still read this blog. Sometime I'll post my blog in our language. For peopple all over the worl, I proudly present... MelodyOfLive

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there's no war in this world....
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That's why I love music....
Because it's universal
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