Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heal the World

OK, this is one of the inspiring song to me. It's true, there's love in this world. It must be an unconditional love, to make a better world to everyone. If everyone have it, this world can be like a heaven for us. Just remember how we are when we are still a children. We can accept everyone as our friend without any reason. That's why we must learn about the unconditional love from a pure, little children.

War is meaningless. It's only make a chain of hatred, there's no escape from it. But we can cut it before with some cares to our neighborhood. Let's share love, not hatred.

Our world has been wounded so much. Let's heal it together. For a better future of human races. Let's heal the world.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My-Otome OST: Dream Wing

This song is more cheerful than the opening song from My-Hime. The performer is same person like previous series, Minami Kuribayashi. Maybe it's because the series itself has another nuance than the previous series. This new series has a lighter nuance than My-Hime. Well, I'm not see it, but from the review I read it's not as complicated as the previous series. I've got the lyrics from animelyrics, but it's romaji only (Japanese lyrics). There's no translation version.
ketawasetan Well then maybe I'll make the translation like I did before. Wish me luck!

OK, that's it. See you next time.

Just Fly Away

mafia Hello, What,s up! It's me again.

larilariAt last I found this song! Yeah!It's one of the Yonekura Chihiro's songs, "Just Fly Away". It's an opening song from Mon Colle Kinght , one of a vintage anime I like when I was a little children. I like this anime, it's funny and refreshing, and I still like it till now. Well, that time there's only a few animes broadcasted in my country. This is one of the best. The song imediately caught my attention.That's why I want to put it in here.

Yonekura Chihiro is also an artist who performing "Butterfly Kiss" from RAVE. She's good in a mellow song. But it's nice when she's perform this song, too.

So, here's the video from Youtube:

Thanks to anthraxleon for the video. Even it's just an AMV.

I also found the lyrics and the translation. Here is the Japanese lyrics. For the translation, you can go through to this link.

yippieOK, that's all. I hope you can enjoy it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Direct translation of "Open Your Mind"

Hello, how are you? After trying hard to translate this song, I come here to share it to the world, since I don't get any translation in any site. This is my first time, so I think it's not perfect yet. I just try to translate it directly, but I hope you can understand it.

Before the translation, I'll give you the TRUE Japanese lyrics, since I've seen a bad mistake in the romaji lyrics in Here is the TRUE lyrics of "Open Your Mind" by Youko Ishida, based on the kanji version from


fukai ao no sekai koete meguriau

kaze ga toori nuketeku

maiorita masshiroi hane fuwari yurete
oshiminaku kakegaenai anata wo tsutsumitai
aisuru hito mamoru chikara ryoute ni motteru hazu (open your mind)

kokoro wo hiraite (itsumo yume miteta)
negai wo kaze ni nosete tooku (open your mind)
mienai hane ga aru (hora anata ni mo aru)
jiyuu na basho ni yukeru
sou dare demo

kaze ga kagayaki dashitara arukidasou
mou kowakunai kara

chigireta kumo no mukou kawa hikari afure
massugu na michi sono saki ni nanika ga mieru deshou?
iki wo sutte kaze no nioi kanjite donna toki mo

hateshinaku hiroi ao no sekai
chiisana hane shinkokyuu shite
sora ni mukai habatakeru kara
sore wa mirai atarashii ashita
mitsukeru KAGI (open your mind)

kokoro wo hiraite (itsumo yume miteta)
negai wo kaze ni nosete tooku
mienai hane ga aru (hora anata ni mo aru)
jiyuu na basho ni yukeru

tobira wo hiraite (donna tobira demo)
itsudemo watashi soba ni iru wa (open your mind)
mienai hane hiroge (hora oikaze ni notte)
tobitatsu toki wa kuru no
sou dare demo

sora ga aoi...

And this is the direct translation from me:


Meet fortuitously in this deep, blue sky
The wind was came out to the avenue

Pure white wing swayed alight gently
Freely covering the irreplaceable you
It should be the power to protect the one I love in both my hand (Open your mind)

Open your heart (I always see the dream)
My wish rode the wind to the distant place (Open your mind)
This invisible wings (Look, you have it, too)
Can able to take you to the freedom place
And anyone, too

Walking together with the radiance wind
Cause there’s no afraid anymore

Light overflow beyond the side of tear clouds
Something can be seen straight in that front path, right?
Feel the scent of wind in your inhaled breath anytime

In this eternally vast, blue world
This little wings taking a deep breath
Because my wings flapping to the other side of the sky
There will be a new future for tomorrow
The key has been found (Open your Mind)

Open your heart (I always see the dream)
My wish rode the wind to the distant place
This invisible wings (Look, you have it, too)
Can able to take you to the freedom place

The gate has been opened (whatever the gate is)
I always being here anytime (Open your mind)
Spreading this invisible wings (Look, you can ride the tailwind now)
It’s time for take off now
Everyone can do it

The sky is blue.

About the romaji lyrics, I've done a change. I change the word "shintokyuu" to "shinkokyuu", means "taking a deep breath". This is something important, because I almost failed to translate this song if I don't heard the song again.

I had surfed the Google before made this translation. And because there's no one mad it yet, so I tried to be the first. Well, I hope you satisfy with this translate. Maybe it's still need an editing to make it better, I know it's still rough since it's a direct translation. And I'll accept any suggest from you about it.

Well, that's all. See you again!

If everyone's hands handle one of music instrument, I believe
there's no war in this world....
Because there's no hands can handle a weapon
to fight another one.
That's why I love music....
Because it's universal
and peaceful.