Thursday, July 16, 2009

My-Otome OST: Dream Wing

This song is more cheerful than the opening song from My-Hime. The performer is same person like previous series, Minami Kuribayashi. Maybe it's because the series itself has another nuance than the previous series. This new series has a lighter nuance than My-Hime. Well, I'm not see it, but from the review I read it's not as complicated as the previous series. I've got the lyrics from animelyrics, but it's romaji only (Japanese lyrics). There's no translation version.
ketawasetan Well then maybe I'll make the translation like I did before. Wish me luck!

OK, that's it. See you next time.

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animaster said...

dream wing is a song with cute lyrics ( guess) but my favorite mai series ost is it's only a fairy tales and otome wa do my best deshou?
all mai series ost is composed by yuki kujiura, if you love tsubasa chronicle or gundam seed series ost, then you'll love mai series ost ;-)

If everyone's hands handle one of music instrument, I believe
there's no war in this world....
Because there's no hands can handle a weapon
to fight another one.
That's why I love music....
Because it's universal
and peaceful.