Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heal the World

OK, this is one of the inspiring song to me. It's true, there's love in this world. It must be an unconditional love, to make a better world to everyone. If everyone have it, this world can be like a heaven for us. Just remember how we are when we are still a children. We can accept everyone as our friend without any reason. That's why we must learn about the unconditional love from a pure, little children.

War is meaningless. It's only make a chain of hatred, there's no escape from it. But we can cut it before with some cares to our neighborhood. Let's share love, not hatred.

Our world has been wounded so much. Let's heal it together. For a better future of human races. Let's heal the world.

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If everyone's hands handle one of music instrument, I believe
there's no war in this world....
Because there's no hands can handle a weapon
to fight another one.
That's why I love music....
Because it's universal
and peaceful.