Monday, August 31, 2009

Negaraku is a plagiarism?

Well, it's a hot problem between Indonesia and Malaysia nowadays. They claiming this song as their mine. First I'll put this song. Listen it carefully.

This is Terang Bulan, from Indonesia. It's more old than Negaraku, Malaysia's national anthem. Compare this song's pattern with Negaraku from Malaysia.

This is Negaraku, Malaysia's national anthem. Hear it and you'll know how similar them.

And I'll put this, too.

This is Mamula Moon. You can hear the different between this song with those two songs before. It says that Terang Bulan inspired from this song. But how about Negaraku? This song starts from 0:47, and the first line of this song has a different pattern with two songs before.

Let your ear and heart decide the truth. And you'll see the problem better.

See you next time.

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